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Leading a revolution in the world of furniture and design with a groundbreaking technological platform that turns 2D content into an interactive 3D experience.
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Our Solutions:

Designers and Architects

Realizing 3D ideas easily
Turn 2D plans into interactive and realistic 3D simulations at the click of a button. Our platform allows you to visualize design ideas for your customers easily and online.
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Real estate developers and marketers

Marketing through 3D virtual tours
Create impressive 3D marketing materials and virtual tours on our platform and present your properties to potential clients in the most beautiful light and in an interactive configuration before and after construction.
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Turn 2D products into a 3D sales experience
Convert 2D products into interactive 3D models, and provide customers with an exceptional shopping experience. Our platform allows you to maximize sales in a simple and efficient way.
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For Private Customers

3D personal design for your home
Get a personalized design recommendation for your home on an interactive 3D online platform. Choose products, edit the design and see the final result before making real changes in practice.
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Testimonials from our customers:

As an interior designer, I use Rolinum's simulations a lot. They are professional at a high level and illustrate to my clients how the house of their dreams will look. In addition, the service is excellent - courteous, efficient, professional and fast. Highly recommend
Michal Birnbaum
Interior designer and architect
Highly recommend their service, we did a mikva simulation and it turned out just perfect! The whole process with the professionals was at the highest level, punctuality, professionalism and the price - amazingly attractive! Anyone who is just debating, this is the place to make simulations
Gaviel Toran
The expert - the home site for builders and renovators
I have to recommend and basically we are going into a major renovation and I couldn't begin to understand what fits what, how I connect all the elements and how I make the whole house speak the same language.! I turned to Rolinum and got an exact solution for my need! I feel like I'm already living in the stunning design house just like I dreamed. But the most important thing is the service and availability even after the project is over and paid in full!
Sapir Kanias
Private client
As an interior designer, the software is very convenient for me and allows me to easily and quickly plan the space and design the interior. For the last year I have been using only Rollinum for all my projects including my big project of 3000 square meters - offices on three floors. The customers are really blown away by the results even when it's not a superalistic visualization. Personally, I highly recommend it and I also made sure to renew the subscription.
Vivian Berman
Interior Designer
Highly recommend the use of Rolinum! The designer managed to score a stamp for our taste, the design turned out stunning, the simulation reached a very high level! We really managed to imagine the new house and understand where and how to place everything. It's really fun to have genius startups like you! I will absolutely be your repeat customer! Thanks!!
Ortal Levy Even
Private client
Highly recommend the service and quality! The software is easy to operate and allows me to make changes independently according to my needs. Rolenium were able to present a plan at my request in just a few days. Even after receiving the product, we are available to answer and adapt to the customer's needs.
Liron Kalman Zamir
Private client
Rollinum enables the copying of a project made in AutoCAD, easily. Copying is direct. Which saves a lot of work time. In the library there are ready-made objects that are constantly expanding, and in addition, the response to any request is made quite quickly. In general - I have been working with them for the second year. A very easy-to-use platform that allows me to add objects that suit me. Highly recommend.
Anat Friedman
Interior Designer
Received courteous and fast service at a price worth every pocket. The results are amazing, we are really satisfied, it gave us an idea of what the house will look like as a whole. Makes the dream a real reality Thank you Rollinum, you are not responsible!! highly recommend
Kobi Amar
private client
I highly recommend Rollinum. They have great service! attentive to every request. As an interior designer, I really enjoy working with them. And of course the final result is amazing and makes me happy and most importantly, my customers!
Inbal Cohen
Interior Designer
A huge thank you to the Rolinum team! for an amazing attitude!! Listening and fulfilling all desires and most of all a stunning project!!!! Beautiful design while thinking about all the small details and beyond! Thanks!
Shelly Cohen
Private client
I have been in the construction industry for years and Rollinum's software is simply amazing!!! I made a sketch for my private house and I will also highly recommend it to all clients of our company (construction company). Simply a pleasure to receive a simulation of the house, accurate, colorful, designed. It is possible to change easily and adapt the house exactly to the needs. This is the most fun part of the building process! The staff is kind, they know how to provide service and the prices are also absolutely reasonable and give decent value for money. I highly recommend!
Ofir Yosef
Construction company and real estate consultant

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